You can help. Donate now.

Coronavirus is spreading and most states are asking people to stay at home, with California among the first to issue stay-at-home orders for all Californians.  For the more than 20,000 low-income California family, senior, and special needs residents that call Mercy Housing home, many are losing jobs and stocking up on enough food and cleaning supplies is impossible.

All it takes is your gift of $50 or more to ensure families, seniors, and people with disabilities have what they need to get through this pandemic. We have set up a relief fund just for this purpose so you can be assured your gift will directly impact a resident in need.*

Thank you for your support!

* While there has been a generous outpouring from our supporters to supply essential items, the best way you can help us serve our residents during this crisis is with a financial contribution which we will allocate for food and supplies where the need is greatest.